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Last updated October 16, 2000

This is my view of the Internet at this point. I use it for finding information about SGML, Information Mapping, and other interests. My profession right now is working as a Data Architect on an SGML implementation at West Group.

I've been interested in SGML ever since I first was introduced to it by Scott Fischer while we were both working at Unisys Corporation. Since then, I've enjoyed seeing the technology pay off in the areas it is best suited for: industrial-capacity publishing systems. It isn't good for everything, only where it is practical. (Isn't that really the case for all technology?)

As the President of the Midwest SGML/XML Forum, I try to bring the people using XML mostly, and also sometimes SGML, together to discuss issues. It is a non-profit company...this seems to be a great resource for many people locally. Check it out at our website at www.midwest-sgml.org to find out more.


Making XML Work (really using it correctly)
(These are the Powerpoint slides for a presentation on October 11, 2000, at a meeting of DIG-IT, a state group for Minnesota.)

Society for Technical Communication

XML: Dinosaur or the Missing Link During the Information Age?
(These are the Powerpoint slides for a presentation on February 27, 1999 at FutureTense 1999 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.)

XML Information

XML 1.0 Specification

SGML Information

OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (formerly SGML Open)

Graphic Communications Association

Information Mapping Sites

Information Mapping Inc.

Euromap Inc.

Who am I?

This is a question that has no complete answer. But there's a collection of information in my resume that contains information about my background.

Where am I?

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  3. Email at InfoEngineering Technologies, Inc.
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  5. Physical mail at home
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