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This information was obtained from the following publication:
Everything you need to master Web development!
Authors: December and Ginsburg
Publisher: sams net

Conversion Formats:

Format             Conversion Programs	

C++                nse2html
FrameMaker         FasTag, frame2thml, mif2html, 
		   miftrain, WebMaker, mifmucker
Interleaf          FasTag, TagWrite
LaTeX              hyperlatex, latex2html, tex2rtf
Tex                hyperlatex, latex2html, tex2rtf
Mosaic Hotlist     hl2html
Microsoft Word     FasTag, TagWrite, mm2html, ms2html
Lotus Notes        Tile
Pagemaker          Dave
Plain text         striphtml, asc2html,
                   txt2html or txt2html
Postscript         ps2html
RTF                HLPDK (files:, hdk115b.zipi,, rtftohtml, RTFTOHTML, tex2rtf
Scribe             scribe2html
SGML               TagWrite, dtd2html
Texinfo            texi2html
UNIX man page      Cyberleaf, FasTag, TagWrite, wptothml, wp2x
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