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   May 23, 2000
   March 23, 2000
   February 22, 2000
   January 11, 2000


Meeting May 23, 2000

It has been decided that our meetings will always be on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at OUR SAVIOUR'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, Fellowship Hall, 400 W 9th St., Hastings. At every meeting there is the opportunity to show off our work. Work is to be recent (ie photographed w/in the past 3 months), showing up to 5 pieces.

We had a wonderful guest speaker last evening, Art Dicke from the Cross Town Club. He told us about what sorts of activities they have, which reiterates the fact that we are well on our way to becoming a very successful and stable group of aspiring artists w/in the community. He showed us some of his work, which is very motivating to try new and interesting things including mounting 2 or more negs to become one picture, something like scratching of the photo to create outlines, and reversing negatives into positives into negatives into positives again.

To corroborate with the idea of becoming a successful group, we are putting together a brochure. One of the 1st places we'll use that brochure is when we work w/ local businesses and retail stores to obtain a juried gallery showing of our work. Details to follow this Fall.

Besides the above mentioned competition/gallery showing, we are keeping in step w/ other clubs by having guest speakers, competitions, field trips, a brochure about our group, and a summer BBQ. We are talking about having a small dues amount to help pay for the brochure, mailings, and other misc such as the fee for the park for the BBQ, etc. and we will become a member of TCACCC, and look for becomming a member of NCCCC (N4C's).

The upcoming schedule has changed slightly from the original plan. Here is what is being planned:

Tues, June 20 6:30PMAfton State Park for photo op outing (meet at Visitor/Interpretive Center)
Tues, July 18Pot Luck Dinner at Mike's house
Tues, Sept 19Landscapes, plan for 2001 schedule
Tues, Oct 17Autumn colors, competition
(Art Dicke as judge)
Tues, Nov. 28Guest speaker regarding portraits/
Holiday pics (speaker TBD)

Other notes include: 3 members have been nominated to be the committee to determine an outline for the new Sept '99-July '00 yearly schedule. Some suggested topics were travel and field trips to places like colleges, Nerstrand Woods, White Water, up north, etc.; matting/framing; dark room; birds; macro; coloring B&W; guest speakers, competitions;


We will soon have our own website instead of having to be part of this one! Update to come!


Meeting March 23, 2000

was held at the Pleasant Hill Library, Hastings, 7-8:30PM.

Discussions included:

Equipment: several lenses, cameras, tripods = Canon cameras, Sigma lenses, 2x & 1.4X teleconverters, extension tubes, other macro lenses, Bogen Wilderness tripod w/ strap and ball head, 4x5 large format camera, 6cm x 7cm medium format camera + various films.

Magazines/catalogs: B&H and Shutterbug along w/ Outdoor Photography magazines.

Next meetingto be held at:

Tuesday, April 25, 2000
7-8:30 PM

Topic to be discussed: Inner-club critiqueing. Bring 5 prints/slides to be critiqued - in any format (ie 3x5, 4x6, 8x10, matted, framed, mounted - or not, and/or 35mm slides.


May meeting will be held on Thursday, May 25, 7PM at OUR SAVIOUR'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, Fellowship Hall, 400 W 9th St., Hastings. Use the parking lot on the north side of the building (accessed from west 8th St) and those doors are the unlocked doors. Coffee will be on. Doors to stay unlocked until we leave - whatever time of eve or night that may end up being!

General topic to be: Outside Judge to critique and judge our work along with his 30 minute slide show. Judge is scheduled to be Rick Hobbs from Twin Cities Area Camera Council Club, Inc.


Meeting February 22, 2000

Planned schedule for 2000:

All meetings currently scheduled for *
  7-8:30 PM
  Hastings Library meeting room.
  1490 S. Frontage Rd, Hastings 651-437-5286

Dates*: Subject**:
Thurs., March 23 Equipment
Tues., April 25 Critiqueing
Tues., May 23 Nature photography, guest speaker?
Tues, Sept 26 Landscapes
Tues, Oct 24 Autumn colors, competition
Tues, Nov. 28 Guest speaker?, portraits, Holiday pics

*- Dates/location subject to change month to month.

** More details:

Bring equipment, catalogs, & other info regarding equipment. Discuss exposure controls & composition.
Bring 5 slides and/or prints. Hopefully an outside prof photographer will be avail for critiqueing. Otherwise, we’ll just do it as a group.
Nature photography:
Show off your work!*** Discussion on where to go, how to do it well, what equip is best, etc. ... and discuss if we’re doing any outings for summer months as a group. Perhaps the outing in June and critiqueing in July...? (TBD)
Including skylines....Show off your work***, discuss where to go, how to do it, equip, etc..
Autumn Colors:
Same discussion topics as listed above including competition....with plans for outside expert to judge

*** To Show off your work: In any form you have (slides, prints, matted/framed, color, B&W, albums, etc)

Also mentioned 15th Annual Photography Conference:

"Vision and the Art of Seeing"

Friday, March 31, 2000
Hilton/Airport Hotel
Bloomington, MN

Saturday, April 1, 2000
University of St. Thomas
O'Shaughnessy Educational Center
St. Paul, MN

See prices at:


Meeting January 11, 2000


  • Forum for critique
  • Variety of format (print, slides, B&W)
  • Dedicate 1 night for topics
    • Landscape, portraits, B&W, guest speakers, outings, architecture, zoos, parks, events, themes talk about equipment, professional services, types of film & how to use them.
  • Contact people from other clubs in area to be guest speaker(s)
  • Atmosphere for all skill levels
  • Learn, have fun!

Next meeting:

Tues, Feb. 22, '00
7-8:30 PM
Hastings Library meeting room.
1490 S. Frontage Rd, Hastings 651-437-5286

Build 3-4 months schedule pulling together the above mentioned topics

Bring unique equip, catalogs, website addresses, & other interesting photo stuff, and also bring 6 of your favorite photos in any format.


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