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Diane Vetter, Photographer
St. Paul, Minnesota
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All Grown Up Beautiful Sunday Morning Pretty!
Pink Rose A Red Rose Mist The Empty Vase

A Baby Into the Sunset... Autumn Tranquil
Pink Bud Mallard Sunset Into the Forest Sailboat

North Shore Sandy Majestic Fishing
Ice Over Water Sea Shore Mighty Tower Last Fish

Red red roses 9 PM Colorado Solid
Fountain Moonlight Water Drop Maroon Bells

Aflame Springtime Double Exposure The Color Green
Tulip Daffodil Dakotah Dewdrop

Freedom Arizona Warmth Peace
Cochise Grand Canyon Adam Monarch

Freedom Monterey tie dye Monterey
Andrew California Mist Reflections Larkspur

Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area North Hegeman Lake BWCAW
Leaves Clouds Pictographs Shrooms

The Wilderness Angleworm Lake BWCA N. Hegeman #3
Nature Lake Breeze Pines Camping

maple leaf deer Carl's place  
Bear Head Lake State Park, Ely, MN USA Creede CO USA Thanksgiving '04  

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