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Aspen Leaf
Labor Day
Sunday Morning
7 ways to see Fidelity



That day
when he flys free,
he’ll be at home

in the sky.
The powers
of high
call for him

throughout time.
The air
the fresh fresh air
so free

to soar
the fresh free air

Calling him home.

Aspen Leaf

By Diane Vetter

As she mist into the woods,
grace followed like velvet.
Firm yet soft,
Strong - alone.

As she bound into the woods
quietly with a roar,
The morning dew splashed
onto the ocean floor.

she held her own confidence
with the ease of a flowing creek.
Supported by the powers of above
Individual - whole.


By Diane Vetter

Soaring with grace
Coasting with quietness
She flys

Through the wind
The thunder of power
The freshness of mist
She glides

Through the moonlight
She rides with the stars
The stripes of the MilkyWay
She shines

Earth her foundation
The sky her dream
The world is calling
She runs free

Labor Day

By Diane Vetter

Elusive is reality
as an Abundance of fantasy
   s p
           ll s from the
festival of the Renaissance
A deer skin appears
fairy dust dancing
oils fragrant       beauties bare
the spirits calling for homeland
Through it all
3 days runni n    g
3 campfires      3 meals
the courtyard and gardens.
some laboring
within my own castle
Jousting again with reality.
Restful daze
        Late summer haze
    Peaceful knights
        from the
festival of the Renaissance

Sunday Morning

By Diane Vetter

The senses whirling
The dynamics in motion
The traffic stopped.

there are bikes & people
friends & family
Dancing the path(s) to freedom.

Woodwind instruments
The whistling wind
pedaling for a better place
Down hill

Colors of all nations, coffee, and fruit
Breakfast to remind us
the journey ahead is long.

There are muscles grip, parks, and lakes
The air of freshness
and the lines of thought soar
through the Red River Valley.


By Diane Vetter

My soul is at peace
Swelling with life
Swelling with the power to soar
When flying
Through the open hills of our land
The engine's fire roars

She is here too
Enhancing Enchanting Enlightening
Calling Cautioning Preparing
To know her love
To feel her desires

The whisper of the wind seduces
Carrying me into her open arms
Onto the truthful path
Of eternity.

7 ways to see Fidelity

      -Diane Vetter

" ourselves to each other to rest our head on...." -Creed

We do it with faith
Knowing it will hold steadfast

The accuracy has moral soundness
The awareness has power

The groundwork has been laid
The foundation is sacred

Even though we're not joined at the hips
We're always joined in spirit

The Sacrament is to be revered
As it is a sanctuary

If you have the commitment
Do you need the document

Do the math, Diane,
It's to last forever.


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